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SharePoint Identity Service Application – Connectors (attributes Stores)

describe all your connectors registered with this service application.

If you develop a custom connector, you MUST deploy it on the Farm (GAC or Farm Solution) and then describe it your service application. Only one connector can be selected per Application. additionally, you can deploy an Claim Augmenter component (only one selected per application)


See : Developers Corner

To develop an custom connector you must implement

SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.IWrapper in SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.dll assembly

 SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.IWrapperCaching in SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.dll assembly

To develop a custom Claim Augmenter component you must implement

SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.IIDentityServiceClaimsAugmenter in SharePoint.IdentityService.Core.dll assembly

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